Product Data Sheet – U5100 (PDF)
Data Safety Sheet – U5100 (PDF)

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    The appearance of this product is a clear solution with a yellow to amber colour.

    Properties and Applications

    • Synthetic organic coagulants with molecular weights ranging between 10 000 and 100 000.
    • Is used mainly in potable water clarification as either a primary coagulant or coagulant aid to metal salts, such as ferric chloride.
    • It performs over a wide range of turbidities and pH levels and is particularly suited to exceptionally high turbidity conditions. As turbidity decreases it will in general revert to a coagulant aid role.
    • Effective clarification of low turbidity water is achieved in sludge blanket or sludge contact clarifiers.
    • Other advantages include no effect on pH, higher solids sludge, low sludge volumes and the formation of dense, rapid settling flocs.
    • Polyamine is not corrosive and handling is relatively simple, it can be stored in most materials except mild steel. LDPE tanks are recommended.
    • Consistent and sensitive dosage control is required as polyamine dosages are typically in the order of 1-10 mg/l and a relatively narrow optimum dosage is exhibited. This necessitates adequate laboratory facilities for determination and monitoring.
    • Most polyamines can be metered neat through positive displacement diaphragm pumps with a suitable viscosity rating followed by in-line dilution with clean water to a suitable concentration for rapid dispersion. Dilution to a suitable concentration as a stock solution followed by metering can be used but care is required to ensure an accurate solution strength.


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    Irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system.


    Stable, but is a strong oxidizing agent. Will corrode iron, copper and aluminium.


    • Bulk

    • Drums – 200 litre Drums

    • Flowbins (1 ton) can be filled but are to be supplied by the customer.