Ferric Chloride


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    The appearance of this product is a clear dark orange to brown colour solution.

    Properties and Applications

    • Ferric chloride is used in a wide range of applications including surface water clarification, colour removal, heavy metal precipitation, industrial effluent treatment and phosphate precipitation in sewage treatment.
    • Ferric chloride generally exhibits an optimum pH band and it is important to determine this for optimum efficiencies.
    • The inherent pH depression and alkalinity consumption in its coagulation mechanism generally necessitates a lime dosing facility or similar especially for low alkalinity waters to achieve the optimum pH range for effective coagulation. PH correction for stability is invariably required under these conditions.
    • In potable water, ferric chloride is used mainly under low turbidity conditions and while capable of clarifying high turbidity water in combination with lime, an increasing coagulant aid dosage is recommended as higher turbidity levels are encountered.
    • A handling and dosing facility suitable for a corrosive liquid is a prerequisite for ferric chloride use. Heavy-duty HDPE tanks are recommended for bulk storage. Compatible fibreglass or rubber lined steel tanks can be used.
    • FeC should be metered undiluted through a corrosion resistant positive displacement-dosing pump with subsequent dilution at the dosing point if deemed necessary for rapid dispersion through the water body. The in-line dilution should be a minimum 10% solution strength.


    Criteria Specification
    Specific gravity 1,45 minimum at 20°C
    Ferric chloride 42,5 – 44,0%m/m
    Ferrous chloride 0,5 % m/m maximum
    Hydrochloric acid 1,0 % m/m maximum


    TLV, 8 hours TWA (ACGIH): 1mg/m³, Iron Salts, Soluble as Fe.


    Stable, but rapidly corrodes most metals.


    • Bulk

    • 30 and 305 Kilogram Drums