Coagulant – U6000 Series


SDS U6000(PDF)
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Product Data Sheet U6050 (PDF)
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Product Data Sheet U6060 (PDF)
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Product Data Sheet U6080 (PDF)
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    The appearance of this product is a clear solution with a yellow to amber colour.

    Properties and Applications

    U6000 Series:

    • Synthetic organic coagulant with molecular weights ranging between 10,000 and 100,000.
    • Its performance characteristics, handling and dosing requirements and applications are similar to polyamines with the tendency not to be as effective under high turbidity conditions.
    • In some raw waters it exhibits the ability to produce a larger floc size and hence better settling rate, although clarity may be compromised.
    • Blends of commercially available synthetic organic coagulants utilising the theory that combining polymeric structures can produce a synergistic effect.
    • In practise there are instances where these blends are found to produce better clarities and floc characteristics than the component products.
    • Handling, dosing and applications are as for the component products.


    Criteria Specification
    Appearance Clear colourless/yellow liquid
    Viscosity (cps) 500 – 1000 typically
    SG 1.03 – 1.10 dependent on product
    pH 5 – 7


    Irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system.


    Stable, but is a strong oxidizing agent. Will corrode iron, copper and aluminium.


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