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Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH) (U3000)


Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Product Data Sheet (PDF)

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    The appearance of this product is a clear to slightly hazy colourless solution.

    Properties and Applications

    • There are a number of aluminium-based compounds produced via different manufacturing processes resulting in polymeric aluminium chloride derivatives with A2O3 contents between 10 and 25% (m/m).
    • These products exhibit similar characteristics in clarification performance in the role of a primary inorganic coagulant. Excellent clarities can be achieved with negligible pH depression and alkalinity consumption. They are used successfully under a wide range of conditions, generally as a blend with an organic coagulant aid and are particularly suitable to low alkalinity waters of low turbidity.
    • Aluminium chlorohydrate is slightly corrosive but can be handled in high-grade stainless steel. It should be metered undiluted through corrosion resistant positive displacement dosing pumps with subsequent dilution at the dosing pumps with subsequent dilution at the dosing point if deemed necessary for rapid dispersion through the water body. A minimum 20% solution strength is recommended.




    Specific gravity 1,33 – 1,38 at 25°C
    Aluminium as Al 12,0 – 13,0 % m/m
    Viscosity 10 – 50 cps at 25°C
    PH of a 15% m/m solution 3,0 – 4,5 at 25°C


    TLV is 2mg/ m3 for soluble salts of aluminium.


    Normally stable.


    • Bulk

    • 240 Kilogram Drums